Greater Stockport Creek Watershed Alliance

Encompassing the Watersheds of the Kinderhook and Claverack Creeks in the Lower Hudson Valley, New York

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Watershed Links:

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  • Kinderhook Creek Swimming Holes
  • Kinderhook Creek Whitewater
  • EPA Watershed Resources
  • NYSDEC Fishing Access Map (Kinderhook Cr.)
  • NYSDEC Fishing Access Map (Taghkanic Cr.)
  • NYSDOH Fish Advisories
  • USGS realtime data: Kinderhook Cr. @ Rossman

  • Hudson Valley Links:

  • Hudson River Watershed Alliance
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  • NOAA Tide Tables
  • Hudson Basin River Watch

  • General Links:

  • Columbia County EMC
  • Rensselaer County EMC
  • USGS in New York
  • Columbia-Greene Trout Unlimited Chapter
  • Columbia Land Conservancy
  • Berkshire Natural Resources Council
  • Rensselaer Plateau Alliance
  • Rensselaer Land Trust
  • New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission

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    This document was prepared for Hudson River Estuary Program, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, with support from the NYS Environmental Protection Fund, in cooperation with the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission. The viewpoints expressed here do not necessarily represent those of NEIWPCC or NYSDEC, nor does mention of trade names, commercial products, or causes constitute endorsement or recommendation for use.



    With help from NYSDEC Division of Water, New York State Water Resources Institute and New York Natural Heritage Program, the Stream Condition Index (SCI) tallies eight individual metrics for each stream reach in the Hudson River Estuary watershed and combines them into a condition between low and highest quality. Data on natural cover, agricultural cover, impervious cover, brook trout habitat, hydrologic alteration, aquatic habitat connectedness, stream biological assessment profile, and geomorphological constraint.

    DEC Division of Water Resources

    • Guide to Freshwater Macroinvertebrates of New York: The Division of Water has redesigned its pictorial key to macroinvertebrates of New York into a guide to the various groups of macroinvertebrates found in the state. The new guide has information about life history, habitat preferences, feeding habits, water quality indicator status, and other facts about these organisms.
    • How DEC uses Macroinvertebrates to Assess Water Quality:  Updated information about how DEC uses macroinvertebrate communities to assess water quality is available on the Division of Water Biomonitoring webpage.

    Watershed Description & Inventory Document

    The Description & Inventory of the Stockport Creek Watershed is an introductory study comprised of many elements designed to record the current conditions and characteristics of the watershed.  It is intended to provide stakeholders with the necessary background information to better manage Stockport Creek Watershed resources.  This is an ongoing process, and the watershed description will be expanded as our knowledge continues to evolve.  Occasional omissions or errors do occur, and regrets are made for any found by our readers.  Please help provide accuracy in the document by reporting any that are noticed.

    Download the document here (1.5Mb)

    Trout Unlimited has made a landowner guide book, "My Healthy Stream" for stream and riparian area management.

    Download the guidebook here (5.3Mb)

    2011 Watershed Report Card

    The 2011 Watershed Report Card has been completed for the Greater Stockport Creek Watershed. Hudson Basin River Watch, Inc. and the Greater Stockport Creek Watershed Alliance selected locations to assess water quality impacts at ten stream locations.

    We included some of the previous sites that were studied in the last Report Card of 2006, and added some of sites that were tested for the presence of Enterococci in the summer of 2011. Enterococci is a bacteria found in the intestinal tract of humans and some animals (Click to view Entero Results from 8/21/11 and 7/14/11).

    Overall findings show improvement in water quality compared to the 2006 assessment. Site K8 on the Kinderhook Creek in the Town of Lebanon exhibited the highest score of this assessment (Hanky Mull Hill Road bridge).

    The lowest score in 2006 was at the Stony Kill just below High Bridge Road (Station 19091), one-half mile below the Chatham waste water treatment facility. Improvement was shown in this assessment, but still registered in the “slightly impacted” category.

    The lowest score in 2011 was on the Claverack Creek (Station 19095) located approximately 400 meters above the County Route 22 bridge (West Ghent Road) in Stockport.

    In general, sites with a Biological Assessment Profile (BAP) score below 7.5 usually warrant further investigation. Click here to view 2011 Watershed Report Card.  For a copy of the complete Field Data Summary, or for questions about data interpretation, please contact Fran Martino at (518) 828-1330, or by e-mail at

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